Streamers / Bucktails

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"88" "88"

A gentleman introduced this little streamer to me back in the late seventies. I used it with great success in...

Wood Duck Heron Wood Duck Heron

A very simple steamer that the trout find very appealing. This pattern has become quite popular with serious New...

Golden Retriever Golden Retriever

This little steamer has become one of my favorites for small streams and trout ponds. It has become very popular...

Hornburg Hornburg

This old pattern has been catching trout for many years and is still one of my favorites. Can be fished as a...

Orange Wing Muddler Orange Wing Muddler

The Muddler Minnow is one of the most versitile patterns out there. Can be fished dry or wet. The Orange Wing...

Moby Dick Moby Dick

This variation of the original Moby Dick was created by my good friend Mike. He is a registered Maine Guide and...

Daren Dick Special Daren Dick Special

Great early season Streamer ! My friend Jim from Maine introduced this pattern to me a couple of years ago, now...

Copper Head Copper Head

All the fur on this fly comes from a Coyotes mask. This provides great movement and natural colors. The copper ...

Pink Retriever Pink Retriever

My favorite variation of the Golden Retriever. Great little streamer on Brook Trout ponds and small streams.

Olive Retriever Olive Retriever

Olive variation of the Golden Retriever

Offered in size 10