Streamers / Bucktails

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4 grayghost streamer

One of the most famous, and most elegant fly patterns,the grayghost streamer imitates the fresh water smelt that...

6 Umbagog Smelt

An old traditional streamer thats a good choice for trolling lakes and ponds for trout and salmon. This pattern...

84 West Branch Bugger,(Yellow)
Size 10 unless otherwise stated.
104 West Branch Bugger, (White)
Size 10 unless otherwize stated
105 West Branch Bugger, (Chartruese)
Size 10 unless otherwize stated.
107 Wood Special
The Wood Special has been around for long time but it's one that you won't find in every fly shop. This is a great...
83 West Branch Bugger,(Black)

Here's something different for your streamer box. The weight on this little steamer is the beadchain eyes. These...

100 Brown Owl

This little streamer is similar to a Hornburg but with some distinct differences. It has no yellow underwing and...

Coyote , Orange Coyote , Orange

The Coyote is a pattern I developed for fishing rivers where stoneflies are present. This fly is heavely...

Coyote, Olive Coyote, Olive

Great little streamer/nymph for fishing the rivers and ponds. This fly is heavily weighted. Comes in sizes 10, 8...