Recommended Equipment

For Smallmouth Bass

A six or seven weight rod with an equivalent weight forward or bass bug taper floating fly line and a sinking tip or full sinking fly line in the same weight ranges will cover all your needs.         

Androscoggin River for trout

A five or six weight rod with an equivalent weight forward floating line, a six weight will handle the strong current a little better and handle big streamers better than the five weight. If you fish mostly dries and nymphs the five weight rod is just fine. A sink tip or full sinking line is always good to have with you.

Small Streams

Three to five weight rods are a good choice, I like a weight forward floating line. Rods from six to eight feet in length work great on these little streams, there can be a lot of tree branches overhead.


I can recommend flies according to the type of fishing you choose to do. The choices are limitless, but like most anglers, I have my favorites.


I can supply equipment and flies if needed at no extra charge.