Streamer, Bucktail Selection

Whether i'm fishing for trout, landlocks or bass, I use streamers and bucktails more than any other type of fly. Why? Because big fish everywhere eat little fish everywhere! Here is a small selection of Streamers and bucktails that are some of my favorites. These are well suited for casting but of coarse they can also be trolled. This could be a great starter kit for new streamer box or a convienent way to refill an existing box. This selection contains a total of 20 flies.

Mickey Finn/ 6+8, Olive Woolly Bugger/ 6+8, Black Woolly Bugger/ 6+8, Dans Brookie/ 6+10, Gray Ghost/two-#6, Muddler/ 6+8, Black Ghost/two-#6, Brunette Smelt/ two-#4, Yellow Marbou/ 6+8, Wardens Worry/ 6+8

Price: $50.00