Small stream Selection

Crystal clear water, beautiful scenery, and solitude, what more could a flyfisherman ask for. Northern New Hampshire is blessed with a multitude of wonderful small streams that hold good numbers of brookies and rainbows. You could easily spend a lifetime exploring all of these little jems of the northwoods. I have been at it most of my life and have only gotten to know a few of them really well. Chances are that you live in an area that has smaller streams that go mostly untouched by a lot of flyfishers, give them a try and you might be pleasantly surprized. Its a good idea to travel light when working your way along these rugged little waterways and usually all you need is a few well chosen patterns to cover your needs for a happy day spent fishing. Here is a small selection of flies that have worked well for me. This is a combination of 20 flies.

STREAMERS-Mickey Finn/ 6+8,Olive Wooly Bugger/ two #8,  Bruces Old Standby,(BOS)/two#10,West Branch/ #10 Red+White and Black one each.

NYMPHS +WET FLIES- Gold Ribbed Hares Ear/ 10+12,Gray nymph/ 10+12,March Brown Spider/two #12

DRY FLIES-Deer Hair Caddis/ 12+14,Humpy (yellow)/ 12+14,Royal Wulff/ 12+14

Price: $45.00