Androscoggin Selection

Here is a great assortment of patterns to cover you for a day, a weekend, or even a whole week on the "Andro". This is a great starter kit for someone just getting into the great sport of flyfishing, or good way to refill the box of a seasoned angler. This selection was designed for the Androscoggin in New Hampshire and Maine. But I think it can also serve you well on your favorite large, cold stream that holds good numbers of trout and landlock salmon. A total of 32 flies in the following selection.

STREAMERS- Olive Woolly Bugger/ 6+8, B.O.S./8+10,Mickey Finn/6+8,Black Ghost/6+4

NYMPHS- Gold Ribbed Hares Ear/12+10,Gray Nymph/8+10,Red Fox Squirrel Nymph/12+10,Cased Caddis Nymph/8+10.

WET FLIES, two each - March Brown Spider/12,Peacock+Grouse/12,Partridge+Yellow/12,Partridge+ Orange/12.

DRY FLIES- Royal wulff/12+14,Humpy/12+14,Deer Hair Caddis/12+14,Nothing Fancy Hopper, two-size 10.

Price: $60.00