Streamers / Bucktails

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"88" "88"

A gentleman introduced this little streamer to me back in the late seventies. I used it with great success in...

8 Aziscohos Smelt (Chartreuse)
Chartreuse+White offered in size4
7 Aziscohos Smelt (Olive+White)

This pattern is named in honor of Aziscohos Lake in western Maine. It had it's debut there one Memorial Day...

9 Aziscohos Smelt (purple+White)
Purple+White, offered in size4
19 Blackghost
The blackghost streamer has its origins in the Rangely Lakes region of Maine. This pattern works well in the...
20 Blacknose Dace

A good choice for trout and salmon, fish this bucktail in the traditional manner. Cast across and slightly down...

5 Blue ghost

This feather wing streamer is offered in two sizes, #4 extra long hook and #6 on a shorter hook. The longer one...

100 Brown Owl

This little streamer is similar to a Hornburg but with some distinct differences. It has no yellow underwing and...

Brown Retriever Brown Retriever

Brown Variation of the Golden Retriever

Offered in size 10

17 Bruces Old Standby ( B.O.S.)

This fly is a favorite of a dear old friend of mine. He handed me one a long time ago and asked if I would tie...