Streamers / Bucktails

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"88" "88"

A gentleman introduced this little streamer to me back in the late seventies. I used it with great success in...

8 Aziscohos Smelt (Chartreuse)

Chartreuse+White offered in size 6

7 Aziscohos Smelt (Olive+White)

This pattern is named in honor of Aziscohos Lake in western Maine. It had it's debut there one Memorial Day...

9 Aziscohos Smelt, Gray / Olive

Gray \ Olive, offered in size 6

19 Blackghost

The blackghost streamer has its origins in the Rangely Lakes region of Maine. This pattern works well in the...

20 Blacknose Dace

A good choice for trout and salmon, fish this bucktail in the traditional manner. Cast across and slightly down...

5 Blue ghost

This feather wing streamer is offered in two sizes, #4 extra long hook and #6 on a shorter hook. The longer one...

100 Brown Owl

This is a local pattern designed to imitate the large Stone fly found on the Androscoggin River. Represents an...

Brown Retriever Brown Retriever

Brown Variation of the Golden Retriever

Offered in size 10

17 Bruces Old Standby ( B.O.S.)

This fly is a favorite of a dear old friend of mine. He handed me one a long time ago and asked if I would tie...