Streamers / Bucktails

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"88" "88"

A gentleman introduced this little streamer to me back in the late seventies. I used it with great success in...

10 Brunette (Rainbow Smelt)

The Brunette series of Bucktails are not tied in the traditional manner. Instead, this is a long pattern tied on...

100 Brown Owl

This is a local pattern designed to imitate the large Stone fly found on the Androscoggin River. Represents an...

104 West Branch Bugger, (White)

Size 10 unless otherwize stated

105 West Branch Bugger, (Chartruese)

Size 10 unless otherwize stated.

107 Wood Special

The Wood Special has been around for long time but it's one that you won't find in every fly shop. This is a...

11 Brunette (Black+White)

Black+White size4

12 Brunette (Chartreuse)

Chartreuse+White size4

13 Brunette (Yellow+Red)

Yellow+red size4

14 Woolly Bugger

Available in sizes #6,#8.What can be said about woolly buggers that hasn't already been said. Quite...