Dry Flies

Snow Shoe Caddis

Can be fished as a dry or wet fly. Great little stream pattern.

Offered in size 12

, Usual

Made from the hair and under fur from the bottom of a Snow Shoe hares hind feet. This is simple pattern can...

, , , Baby Dragon

The Baby Dragon is a smaller variation of my popular "Dans Dragon" Bass popper. Although not your traditional...

, , , Ausable Bomber

The Ausable Bomber is one of my "Go To" flies when fishing the rough and tumble streams of northern New England...

Double Humpy

If one Humpy is good then two should be even better, sometimes that is very true! I have been tying and fishing...

LaPointes Stonefly

In mid to late June the fishing on the Androscogin in NH is at its finest. One of the largest and easily...

Mr. Rapidan

This dry fly hails from the mid atlantic states but works well anywhere trout and salmon reside. This can also...

Andro Stone

Here's a dryfly that at first appearence may look like a traditional dry. If you take a closer look though you...

DeerHair Caddis (Yellow)

Yellow is a good color in almost any fly type. Throwing a yellow caddis is always worth a try, especially where...

Dark Cahill (Dry Fly)

The Dark Cahill is another of the traditonal dry flies, it can represent many of the gray colored mayflies that...