Wet Flies

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50 Dark Cahill (Wet Fly)

With its wing and tail of wood duck flank feathers and its muskrat dubbed body, this wet fly is a classic. And...

51 Light Cahill (Wet Fly)

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47 March Brown Spider

This is my favorite soft hackle fly, I let this fly drift down through a pool then strip it back up using short...

48 Partridge and Orange

This wet fly is part of the "Soft Hackle" family, these are great little subsurface flies. The sparsley tied...

49 Partridge and Yellow

The Partidge and Yellow goes well in your box along side the Partridge and Orange and other soft hackles. If you...

46 Peacock and Grouse

Simple but effective, with a body of peacock herl and a soft hackle from a grouse this little wet fly attracts...