Dry Flies

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Usual Usual

Made from the hair and under fur from the bottom of a Snow Shoe hares hind feet. This is simple pattern can...

37 Tent Wing Caddis

More exacting in imitation than the hair wing caddis.This pattern is better suited for slow and still water...

Snow Shoe Caddis Snow Shoe Caddis

Can be fished as a dry or wet fly. Great little stream pattern.

Offered in size 12

28 Royal Wulff

The royal wulff doesn't look like anything natural, but it has accounted for a lot of fish over the years. It...

River Jack Wulff River Jack Wulff

The River Jack Wulff is part of my River Jack series of patterns. These combine two of my favorite color...

River Jack Emerger River Jack Emerger

This emerger pattern is part of my River Jack series of flies. The foam wing bud allows this fly to float in the...

33 Red Quill

This fly has a very sleek, segmented body closely imitating that of a mayfly. Good choice when a delicate...

Phillips Brook Phillips Brook

The Phillips Brook pattern is a general purpose parachute designed to cover a number of color variations of...

Parachute Adams Parachute Adams

The Parachute adams is possibly the best known of the parachute style of dry flies. Excellent choice for many...

Never Sink Caddis Never Sink Caddis

The Never Sink Caddis is a Southern Appalachian Pattern popular in the Smokey Mountains. I think it is equally...