Snow Shoe Ant

A nice simple little ant pattern. The wing on this fly is hair from the bottom of a Snow Shoe Hares foot adding...

H + F Hopper, Orange

I don't know why orange works when it comes to grasshopper imitations, but it does. Orange is just one of those...

Deer Hair Hopper (Olive)

Size #8. Very realistic pattern, floats low in the water. Can be very effective along stream banks with a...

H+F Hopper, Olive

Size #10. The foam wing on this little hopper allows the body to hang below the surface in a realistic...

Flying Ant
Keep a few of these in your terrestrial box incase you happen to be out fishing and see a bunch of flying ants out...
Neon Beetle
Good pattern for bass and panfish, will float all day and the rubber legs add a lot of movement. Its also easy for...
Nothing Fancy Hopper, Tan
Size 10
Foam Beetle

Size #10. Very simple pattern, great choice when good floatation is needed and good looks aren't!

H+F Cricket

Size #10. Crickets are a very abundant but often over looked insect. Fish this the same way you would a...

Nothing Fancy Hopper, Olive

Size #10. If you're someone who finds beauty in simple things, then you will like this hopper pattern....