Streamers / Bucktails

Blue ghost

This feather wing streamer is offered in two sizes, #4 extra long hook and #6 on a shorter hook. The longer one...

Umbagog Smelt

An old traditional streamer thats a good choice for trolling lakes and ponds for trout and salmon. This pattern...

Aziscohos Smelt (Olive+White)

This pattern is named in honor of Aziscohos Lake in western Maine. It had it's debut there one Memorial Day...

Aziscohos Smelt (Chartreuse)
Chartreuse+White offered in size4
Aziscohos Smelt (purple+White)
Purple+White, offered in size4
Brunette (Rainbow Smelt)

The Brunette series of Bucktails are not tied in the traditional manner. Instead, this is a long pattern tied on...

Brunette (Black+White)
Black+White size4
Brunette (Chartreuse)
Chartreuse+White size4
Brunette (Yellow+Red)
Yellow+red size4
Woolly Bugger

Available in sizes #6,#8.What can be said about woolly buggers that hasn't already been said. Quite...